10 Best Antivirus Software in 2021 and everything you need to know


Internet Security software is essential to keep your devices safe from internet predators as well as protecting your identity, money, reputation and network infrastructure. The best antivirus software’s combine watertight virus protection, extra features to keep you safe from scams, and are an absolutely user friendly to install and use.

Modern antivirus software does a lot more than block viruses. In our latest blog post today, we have put together everything you need to know about buying security software for a Windows PC, Mac, laptop and mobile devices (Android phones and tablets) – including relevant features to make your purchase decision valuable.  Antivirus software is crucial for these devices in order to protect the files and data stored on them. Criminals who create malware – the umbrella term which covers all types of nasty that could end up on your device – are getting smarter every day, but so is antivirus software.

If you’re looking for all-round protection against the latest cyber threats, then investing in the strongest antivirus software is the best solution you can hope for – and we also have the best business antivirus plans if you’re looking to take care of your company computers as well as personal computers. That doesn’t mean you have to start spending big money either, as at Citsys – we have the customer at heart and provide value for money and cost effective antivirus software packages for our range of big brands we sell their subscriptions.  

With hundreds of antivirus options to choose from, all promising full-time protection, it’s imperative to find an antivirus program that provides world-class security for every type of threat. This review will analyze the 10 best antivirus available, each benchmarked for security, value, features, and system performance, so you can find the best antivirus for your needs

Below are the Top 10 Antivirus Software we recommend for 2021

  • Antitheft – In case of loss or theft, you can remotely locate, lock, wipe or send a message to your device. 
  • Antispam – Filters irrelevant messages in your Inbox. It’s available for local email clients (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird). 
  • Complete Real Time Data Protection – From antivirus to anti-ransomware, we protect your devices against all new and existing threats. 
  • Network Threat Prevention – The new cyber threat intelligence technologies included can analyse and identify suspicious network-level activities, and block sophisticated exploits, malware or botnet-related URLs, and brute force attacks. 
  • Advanced Threat Defence – Our improved behaviour-based technology detects and blocks advanced threats and ransomware. 
  • Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection – Includes a data-protection layer that safeguards your documents, pictures, videos and music against any kind of ransomware attack. 
  • Web Security – Our web filtering technology ensures that you never land on a harmful website. Find out whether your search results are safe to access before you actually click on a link. 
  • Anti-Phishing – Our advanced anti-phishing protection easily blocks websites that masquerade as trustworthy in order to steal financial data such as passwords or credit card numbers 
  • Anti-Fraud – Our advanced filtering system warns you whenever you visit websites that may try to scam you. 
  • Safe Files – Prevent unauthorized changes to your most important files: add folders to the watch list and we guard them against ransomware and other types of malware. 
  • Bitdefender VPN – Bitdefender virtual private network protects your online presence by encrypting all Internet traffic. Daily encrypted traffic for your Windows, macOS, Android or iOS devices. 
  • Privacy Firewall –Powerful layer of network protection that keeps your personal information safe from hackers and data snoops.
  • Microphone Monitor – Helps you regain control over your own devices. Use it and you’ll be able to see which apps have access to your device’s microphone and when.
  • Webcam Protection – Protects your privacy and prevent webcam leaks. Webcam Protection notifies you when apps try to access your webcam, and lets you block unauthorized access.
  • Parental Control – Offers digital help to parents and extra online safety to children. Filter out inappropriate content and limit screen time. Log in remotely to Bitdefender Central to keep up with your kids.
  • Safe Online Banking – Bank and shop from a unique, dedicated browser that secures your transactions to prevent fraud.
  • Password Manager – Secures your passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive data in a cyber-vault for easy access whenever you need it.
  • Wi-Fi Security Advisor – Access the security of your Wi-Fi network and router, no matter where you connect.
  • Social Network Protection – Stay safe from malicious links and any online threats your friends unwittingly pass on to you via social networks.
  • Vulnerability Assessment – Scan for security holes and vulnerabilities with just one click. Bitdefender checks your PC for outdated and vulnerable software, missing Windows security patches and potentially unsafe system settings, and it indicates the best fix.

Windows Protection – Protect my computer with award-winning antivirus. Ransomware Shield – Keep me safe from attacks that demand a ransom to unlock my data. Stop hackers from accessing my computer. Enable me to shop and bank online knowing that my transactions are safe. Keep my home network safe across all connected smart devices. Safely store and prefill my passwords so that I don’t have to remember them. Encrypt my photos so nobody else can see them. Out of home network – Alerts you when connecting to an unknown network and prompts you to switch to the Strict Protection mode. Makes your device invisible to other computers connected to the same network. 

Parental Control – Gives you the option to choose from predefined categories according to the age of your kids. Let’s you set a password to protect settings against modification as well as prevent unauthorized product uninstallation.

Android Protection – Keep my smartphone/tablet safe with superior security for your Android. Ransomware Shield – Keep me safe from attacks demanding a ransom to unlock my data. Keep my data protected from apps that access it without permission. Keep my network safe across all the connected devices. Find my phone in case it gets stolen or lost.

MacOS Protection – Protect my computer with award-winning antivirus. Keep me safe from attacks demanding a ransom to unlock my data. Stop hackers from accessing my computer. Keep my network safe and let me manage it by myself.

Linux Protection – Protect my computer with award-winning antivirus. Keep my computer in a good shape with a small system footprint.

Anti-Virus Defence – Multilayered protection designed to prevent & neutralize malware. Anti-Hacking – Prevent unauthorized access & hijacking of your computer and mobile devices. High-Tech Protection – Advanced scanning to detect fileless malware & Zero-Day threats. Privacy Protection -Encrypt your personal & browsing data while stopping cybercriminals from spying. Extended Protection – Protection features for your home, Wi-Fi network & peripherals. Kids Protection – Advanced parental controls to track, filter & protect your kids’ online activities.

#4. Norton - Windows, mac, Android, iOS

Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware & Ransomware Protection – Our innovative security technology is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and we monitor online threats across the globe to help protect your devices against viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware. Our goal is to help protect your private and financial information when you go online. 

PC Cloud Backup – Do you back up your PC? You could drop your laptop, the hard drive could fail, or ransomware could encrypt your files, making them unrecoverable. Norton solutions have multiple layers of protection to help defend against ransomware attacks. Using Cloud Backup is one more preventive measure to help keep your files safe. 

Firewall for PC and Mac – Do you know how a computer firewall can help you? Norton Smart Firewall monitors the network traffic sent and received on your computer when you’re connected to the internet and helps block suspicious traffic. This helps protect your personal files and data on your device from malicious attacks and intrusive eyes. 

Password Manager – How do you remember the long, complex passwords that your many online accounts require you to create? Do you re-use them or write them down on a sticky note? Strong passwords are important for online account security. Norton Password Manager enables you to generate complex passwords and store them in your own encrypted cloud-based vault. From within your vault, you can access your passwords at your fingertips. 

100% Virus Protection Promise – Did you know from the moment you subscribe, a Norton expert is available to help keep your device virus-free or give you a refund? Helping keep your device free from viruses is at the heart of what we do. Norton experts are on-call to help remove viruses that might slip in. We’re so confident in our antivirus and malware protection, it comes with our Virus Protection Promise. If your device gets a virus our experts can’t remove, you get your money back. 

Parental Control – Where are your kids right now? Even if they are sitting in the same room with you, they are likely engaging in the online world. Norton Parental Control gives you tools to see what videos they watch, websites they visit, terms they search for, and apps they download, plus GPS location monitoring for Android and iOS, content filtering for PCs and more. These tools help you facilitate positive parenting and engage on important topics proactively.

School Time – Remote learning requires the internet, so pausing the internet on your child’s device is not an option. Manage your child’s remote learning environment and keep your child focused while school’s in session. 

Secure VPN – Do you use public Wi-Fi? Connecting your smartphone or laptop to shared Wi-Fi at the coffee shop down the street may not be as private as you think. Even password-protected Wi-Fi may leave your device vulnerable to attacks. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives protection and encryption for online privacy when you use a public or shared Wi-Fi network. 

SafeCam for PC – Does your PC have a webcam? Cybercriminals can use spyware (software that enables spying) to take pictures with your webcam without your knowledge. Cybercriminals have used compromising photos stolen from webcams for blackmail or extortion. Norton 360 gives protection against spyware, and SafeCam specifically helps block unauthorized access to your PC webcam. 

Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLock – What is the dark web? An “underground” part of the web that isn’t searchable by regular search engines. The dark web is where cybercriminals offer information for sale, including personal information like email addresses. Dark Web Monitoring§ Powered by LifeLock™ searches dark web markets for your email address, and we notify you if we find it.

#5. McAfee - Windows, mac, Android, iOS

Award-winning Antivirus – Protect your computer and personal information from hackers and criminals. 

Secure VPN** – Available when you’re enrolled in auto-renewal, keep your personal information and online habits private with our bank-grade encryption. 

Performance Optimization – Block auto-play videos on websites and minimize bandwidth usage. 

Home Network Security – Secure your firewall and block hackers from accessing your home network. 

Security Experts and Online Support – Get technical assistance and peace of mind from our dedicated team and support knowledge-base. 

Multi-device Compatibility – Protect all of your compatible Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices. 

Password Manager – Securely store and manage all your online passwords in a single location. 

Safe Web Browsing – Browse confidently knowing risky sites will be blocked.

McAfee Shredder – Delete sensitive files completely to ensure no traces are left behind. 

Encrypted Storage – Keep sensitive files private by storing them on your PC with 256-bit AES encryption.

Safe Family – Protect the entire household using a single subscription; get peace of mind knowing your kids are protected online. 

Antivirus Protection, Ransomware Protection, Payments Protection, Webcam Protection Sensitive Data Shield Automatic Maintenance Startup Optimiser Software Updater  Browser and Disk Cleaner Anti-Theft App Lock Email Protection Smart Photo Cleaner Battery Profiles Device Lock Hacker Protection

Avast Premium Security – Browse, bank, and shop safely — it’s much more than antivirus.

Avast Secure Line VPN – Get true privacy with a click — even on unsecured or public Wi-Fi.

Avast Cleanup Premium –  Rid your devices of junk and enjoy speedy performance.

Avast AntiTrack – Stop snoops from tracking you — disguise your online identity with a click

Windows – Protect your PC against any kind of threat USB device protection. Gaming / Multimedia mode: Films, series, and video games without interruptions. Rescue kit: a tool to recover infected PCs, or PCs that won’t start. Avoid Phishing and fraudulent websites while you shop, browse or carry out bank transactions. Block hackers with the advanced personal firewall. Protect your Wi-Fi from hackers and piggybacking neighbors. Secure your credentials with the virtual keyboard. Additional layer of security against ransomware and advanced threats. Parental control: monitor your children’s online activity and block access to inappropriate content. Online backup: keep your memories safe all the time. Protect and manage all your passwords with just a click. Create encrypted and protected folders for the confidential and sensitive information on your PC. Safely delete files. Performance optimization: speed up and clean your PC so that it always runs like new. Theft protection: find your PC at all times

Android – Protect your device against any kind of threat. Privacy auditor: know what the applications that you have installed are accessing. Improve performance and increase battery life. Theft protection: remotely find, wipe, and block your devices. Theft alert for your device. Movement alert: make an alarm sound if anyone takes your device without permission. In case of theft, receive a photo of the thief and their location. Block access to certain applications with a PIN. Intelligent control from your Android Wear smartwatch. Blocks unwanted calls

Why Is Antivirus Software a Necessity?

If you own a personal computer, laptop or smart phone you will require protection from viruses just to go about your regular activities online. Gone are the days where you used to follow some basic good computer habits and get away from your system being infested virus or malware. Avoiding browsing, streaming and downloading content from unreliable sources can help you dodge some obvious threats but securing your computer doesn’t stop there – I guess. 

This is where antivirus software comes into play because unfortunately, malicious code can be lurking anywhere. It could be hiding in your email, on an unsecured website, or inside of a USB given away for free. 

We have carefully put together our expert view why it’s necessary to have an antivirus software protection:

  1. Having an antivirus software protects your electronic devices from digital threats such as viruses, ransomware, malware, trojans etc. 
  2. The data on your device is significantly more expensive than the price you pay for the device. What premium would you place on your privacy, your kid’s pictures, your sensitive information and your trade secret? 

How Does Antivirus Software Work?

Antivirus software comes in two varieties, passive or active. Passive versions leave it up to you to decide when you want to check your computer for new threats. Active versions are constantly running in the background and will alert you when they find something suspicious.

The best antivirus software runs on your computer 24/7 and is connected to the company’s live database of virus signatures. New viruses and exploits are being developed all the time, so the best antiviruses are constantly being updated with an ever-expanding catalogue of viruses to look out for.

Should your antivirus find a potential virus in your system it will give you three options. The first and the best course of action in most cases is to delete the threat. Some viruses are built in a way that makes it impossible to delete them, in that case, the second-best option is to quarantine it. The last option is to have your antivirus ignore a file you know to be safe.

Free or Paid Antivirus Software Package?

Considering the types of threat out there today and the amount of information we have on our digital devices, free antivirus usually doesn’t have all the features required for dynamic threats prevention and protection. 

Paid Antivirus versions usually have the full features sets (e.g. no limitation on what can be scanned, ransomware protection, fully configurable firewall, WIFI protection) that can be optimized to offer the best protection for the user. 

Some additional features users should consider when choosing an Antivirus 

  1. Compatibility
  2. Internet Security
  3. Email Security
  4. Gaming Compatibility and 
  5. Parental Control

Below are the Must – Have Features of Antivirus Software 

  1. Real-time Scanning
  2. Automatic Updates
  3. Protection for Multiple Apps
  4. Auto-Clean
  5. Fights Against All Types of Malware
  6. Protection against Ransomware 
  7. Protection against Zero day attacks 

Why is Antivirus Important?

 Its importance to have an antivirus and virus protection as an individual, company or organization because of the following reasons: 

  1. Antivirus protection is essential for any business wanting to protect their data and computer systems from becoming compromised. It’s like the security person at the gate preventing unwanted persons from entering.
  2. From a commercial or business perspective, your reputation could be on the line if a virus exposes personal client data or sends unsolicited emails to your contacts in an attempt to spread the virus further. 
  3. Exposure to malware can lead to negative financial consequences – which is loss in revenue for your business. 

With so many antiviruses packages online, you must consider each software’s features before installing it on your computer or smartphone and subscribing to a package. From the above list, it should be easier to narrow down your options and find an antivirus that meets your specific internet usage requirements.

How Citsys Tech Team Can Help You Decide?

You can check out our antivirus store where we have the best antivirus products from leading brands, for you to choose from. Alternatively, if you still stacked – please send as a quick email and our expert solution architects would be happy to assist you.


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