Panda Adaptive Defense 360

Adaptive Defense 360 is the first and only offering to combine Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) capabilities into a single solution. Adaptive Defense 360 also automates capabilities reducing the burden on IT. Adaptive Defense 360 starts with Panda’s best-of-breed EPP solution which includes Simple and centralized security, Remedial actions, Real-time monitoring and reports, Profile-based protection, Centralized device control, and Web monitoring and Filtering. 

Traditional Endpoint Protection solutions are efficient at blocking known malware by using detection techniques based on signature files and heuristic algorithms. However, they are no defense against zero day and targeted attacks that take advantage of the ‘window of opportunity for malware,’ the time lapse between the appearance of new malware and the release of the antidote by security companies. 

An increasing gap that is exploited by hackers to get viruses, ransomware, Trojans and other types of malware into corporate networks. Such increasingly common threats can encrypt confidential documents and demand a ransom, or simply collect sensitive data for industrial espionage. Adaptive Defense is Panda’s solution to these types of attacks. Adaptive Defense provides an EDR service that can accurately classify every application running in an organization, only allowing legitimate programs to run. 

The EDR capabilities of Panda Adaptive Defense 360 relies on a security model based on three principles: continuous monitoring of applications on a company’s computers and servers, automatic classification using machine learning on our Big Data platform in the cloud, and finally, as an option, our technical experts analyze those applications that haven’t been classified automatically to be certain of the behavior of everything that is run on the company’s systems

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 offers two operational modes:

  • Standard mode allows all applications catalogued as good ware to be run, along with the applications that are yet to be catalogued by Panda Security and the automated systems.  

  • Extended mode only allows the running of good ware. This is the ideal form of protection for companies with a ‘zero risk’ approach to security

  • Adaptive Defense 360 integrates Panda Endpoint Protection Plus, the most sophisticated EPP solution from Panda, thus providing full EPP capabilities, including:  

    • Remedial actions
    • Centralized device control: Prevent malware entry and data loss by blocking device types 
    • Web monitoring and filtering 
    • Exchange server antivirus and anti-spam 
    • Endpoint Firewall, and many others…

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