Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response

Cybercriminals are becoming ever more sophisticated and capable of successfully bypassing existing protection. Every area of your business can be exposed to risk, disrupting business-critical processes, damaging productivity, and increasing operating costs. 

Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provides powerful security with comprehensive visibility across all endpoints on corporate network together, with superior defenses, enabling the automation of routine tasks to discover, prioritize, investigate, and neutralize complex threats and APT-like attacks. 

Kaspersky EDR provides high-level endpoint protection and increases SOC efficiency, delivering advanced threat discovery and providing access to retrospective data, even in situations where compromised endpoints are inaccessible or when data has been encrypted during an attack. Boosted investigation capabilities through unique Indicators of Attack (IoAs), MITRE ATT&CK enrichment and a flexible query builder, plus access to a rich Threat Intelligence Portal knowledge base – all these facilitate effective threat hunting and fast incident response, leading to damage limitation and prevention.

Use Cases of Kaspersky EDR

  • Proactive search for evidence of intrusion over your entire network  
  • Rapid detection and remediation of an intrusion – before the intruder can cause major damage and disruption  
  • Rapid investigation and centralized management of incidents across thousands of endpoints with a seamless workflow 
  • Validation of alerts and potential incidents discovered by other security solutions 
  • Automation of routine operations – to help minimize manual tasks, free up your resources and reduce the likelihood of ‘alert overload’ 

Kaspersky EDR is ideal if your organization wants to:

  • Upgrade your security with an easy-to-use, enterprise solution for incident response  
  • Automate threat identification & responses – without business disruption during investigations  
  • Enhance your endpoint visibility & threat detection via advanced technologies  
  • Understand the specific Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) employed by threat actors to achieve their goals, enabling more effective defenses and security resource allocation  
  • Establish unified and effective threat hunting, incident management and response processes  
  • Increase the efficiency of your in-house SOC – don’t waste their time analyzing irrelevant endpoint logs Aid compliance by enforcing endpoint logs, alert reviews, and the documentation of investigation results. 

Understand your business and stop breaches