Our Vision

We exist as a company to be of service to our customers, to educate and help them access and use the most appropriate technology at each growth phase. We aim to wow our customer with exceptional products/solutions and delight them with amazing customer service, which we hope will enable them use technology as a catalyst to pursue their passions and grow their business.

This undertaking is important to us because at CITSYS we understand firsthand the pain and challenges that SMBs face in getting the right software and solutions for their business at the best value, we believe that, just as we have already helped hundreds of businesses, we can significantly help even more leverage technology to secure, support and most importantly grow their business.

As a business we will always put the interest of our customers first, taking a long-term position ensuring that we consistently deliver value. For its only when we enable our customers to win, do we have a chance of survival.

We experience success daily, we have a greater than 90% customer retention rate, our very first client after 14 years is still our client, at least 40 % of our new customers have been referrals, as a team we must strive to continue to delight our customer with great products that is appropriate for their business and deliver outstanding customer service.

We must be efficient in every aspect of our operations, driving down our costs and passing savings on to our clients. We must develop our personal competencies and internal processes so that we can resolve our clients’ issues quicker, we must develop new ways of working and delivering value so that we can help our clients avoid downtime, or anything that could disrupt their operations. In a rapidly changing technology landscape, we must be deliberately agile and innovative in our thoughts and actions, continually ready to offer our customers the most relevant solutions and services.